11 definitions by Jimmi

A large and heavy book, usually a Java or other programming language guide, that is used by an angry programmer to smack people over the head with while angry, or all the time.
Java-boy: "Hmmmm, I don't know what's wrong with my program."
Some Guy: "Cause you're a noob(see: n00b)."
by Jimmi April 11, 2005
the passing of gas.
Jimmi sure cracked a mean flat.
I've been cracking flats all day.
Bob flatted on Jens thigh.
by Jimmi September 9, 2003
a nasty pussy, usually puss filled and very irratable.
That bitch wanted me to eat that, fukin yeasty.
by Jimmi December 8, 2002
"Preachers Kid" Usually the dirtiest most grimiest mother fuckers on the face of the earth.
Chalie Manson is a P.K.
by Jimmi December 8, 2002
searching an innocent word in google images and finding porn.
i searched "ink blot" and got stewie'd.
by Jimmi April 7, 2005
young boys who are still wet behind the ears and can't piss straight.
Hey youngblood you figured it out yet?
by Jimmi December 7, 2002
The act of sabotage on one's computer when they go away for a short or long period of time. The actions you can tke include:

-removal of the mouse ball
-unplugging power cords
-turning off of one's monitor
-adjusting the brightness and contrast on the monitor so the monitor appears to be off
-opening multiple error windows
-opening of CD drives
-unplugging of mouses/keyboards
-opening a internet porno site
"Damn, you jackasses zinged me..."
by Jimmi April 11, 2005