Youkai (written with kanji meaning "bewitching apparition") are traditional Japanese monsters of supernatural origin. The word is often translated as "goblin" or "demon". Youkai are grotesque, diverse, and often as silly as they are terrifying. They were a popular subject in ukiyo-e prints, and the artist Toriyama Sekien is famous for publishing an extensive, illustrated bestiary of the creatures. Some of the best known youkai include oni (large, horned ogre-like demons who punish sinners in hell), tengu (beaked or long-nosed bird-men), kappa (turtle-like water-imps), and kitsune and tanuki (foxes and raccoon-dogs - real animals to whom supernatural powers were attributed).
The nurarihyon is a very obscure breed of youkai.
by tengu shoes November 8, 2004
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in japanese it literally means "spirit", "apparition" or "demon"
by *anna October 2, 2005
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Youkai is a group of people that basically pick up where most law enforcement left off. They are a very secretive group to outsiders. Members can be recognized by the group patch or dragon patches.
person 1 - " did you hear what Youkai did last night?"

person 2 - " no? what did they do?"

person 1 - "they where seen talking to a group of guys that went missing soon after. my moneys on them if something happens to those guys."

person 2 - " huh strange."
by chaos calls me October 9, 2022
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Marisa: Attention all Touhou gamers: Reimu Hakurei is in great trouble and she needs your help to wipe out the youkai at the Youkai Mountain, but to do this she needs Fantasy Heaven and a couple of bottles of sake. To help her, all she needs is your credit card number, the three digits on the back, and the expiration month and year. You'll also have to donate to her shrine. But, you gotta be quick, so Reimu Hakurei can save Gensokyo and achieve the epic youkai genocide!

Reimu: Imma gonna commit youkai exterminator
by WTFISASONIC June 17, 2020
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Music played by Onmyouza, heavy metal with "demon" themes
Do you like youkai heavy metal? Listen to Onmyouza, they do play it. It's very good and you'll love it ^.^
by darkonyx October 4, 2009
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