A character in Inuyasha he is cold and shows no emotion, exept to his companion, a little girl Rin, who he treats like a daughter sort of, he has long, silver hair and golden eyes.
omg it's Sesshoumaru-sama yay -drools
by kitsune-san February 13, 2005
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aka The Killing Perfection. A inuyoukai (dog demon) and the Lord of the Western Lands. Older brother of the half-breed hanyou InuYasha, has a human ward Rin and a toad demon servant called Jaken. Has silvery-whitish hair up to his butt (yummy :), golden/honey-amber eyes, blue crescent moon upon his forehead, pointy-elvish ears, retractable fangs and 2 violet-red/magneta stripes on his cheekbones. Known for his emotionless and stoic nature. Always cool, calm and collected and very arrogant with his You-aren't-even dirt-under-my-feet attitude. Mostly known as evil and battles his brother for the Tetsusaiga(?). Has Tenseiga and Toukijin and uses his poison whip and claws to attack.
Ex. I would like to tie Sesshoumaru down and do kinky things :D
by Luci Incarnate June 28, 2005
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the badest ass motherfucker from the anime series InuYasha. Actually the older brother of InuYasha, and a semi-evil character of the show, while his younger brother is the hero, but honestly InuYasha would get P00ned if he ever seriously fought this guy, so would you, I and everybody you know.
Sesshoumaru! Now isnt the time to fight with your brother. You both have to combine your powers to kill this demon! *Kagome
by BRiaNFreakin #2 April 11, 2006
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A very sexy character from the anime show Inuyasha!! He's cold, strong and only talks when it's necessary! He has two magneta stripes on each cheek, silverly hair and white clothing. He's one hott dude=
"How could you think with your dirty blood that you are my equal..."
by Heartless May 29, 2005
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