a girl who prefers to use violence than diplomacy. punch first ask questions later mentality. a good friend of marisa kirisame
A random youkai got beaten up by Reimu Hakurei, just a normal day in gensokyo.
by ihateyoukananko March 19, 2020
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Some girl in a red dress that throws cards at people like a japanese gambit with a vagina to stop people from overthrowing feudal japan.

what a slut.
Marisa: Reimu, help me save Gensokyo!

Reimu Hakurei: yukkuri shiteitte ne

Marisa: What a slut
by Cirno 9 October 18, 2010
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When you beat a person and their friends because of their race til they're unconscious, then eventually become friends with them.
Person 1: "Someone call 911, there's a fight going on!"
Person 2: "You don't need to, they're doing a reimu hakurei."
by the real gordon freeman December 27, 2022
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