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Phrase used by the inarticulate and dimwitted as a comma and to buy time and cover their lack of knowledge of a subject on which they have decided to speak and the resulting insecurity this engenders.

It is particularly irritating in sportspeople, presenters and commentators as they are paid way in excess of the average salary of their audience precisley to tell them what it is they mean. The unspoken assumption is that the audience are already well aware of the 'gem of wisdom' or 'fact' (or see cliche) imparted by the 'expert' and that there really is no need to pay him or her ยฃ5000 an episode to provide such insightless insights.
Well, burumble balarumbler schumacher clam clam diddly pitstop gloomer. Knowarramean?
by Dazzla October 03, 2003
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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a communication tactic commonly used among close friends to clarifly that they are on the same wave length.
One friend to another: "I would go but I don't feel like being the third wheel, you know what I mean."
by Anonymous October 03, 2003
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A phrase people say when they're out of ideas when trying to persuade someone.
So basically I'm right and you're wrong. You know what I mean?
by Tym October 05, 2003
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To ask for confirmation of your audiences understanding, with the expectation that they will affirm what you are saying.
is gotta be dan innit nawwa ahmyean?
by Container October 04, 2003
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something a girl will say in the middle of sentences with a little squint and head cock to register that you agree with her, but without waiting to see if you actually do (know what she means, or agree) before continuing on with what she was talking about.

Can be abbreviated to "you know" if she is in a hurry to get to a lot of important information.

further abbreviation while texting is commonly seen as "u no?" this version eliminates entirely the need or possibility for instant approval (real or imagined), requiring the textee to actually respond, or risk insulting her by not automatically taking her side.
She: "So I was talking to my friend today about how my dogs were barking at the neighbors when they walked around their backyard and how they like, were just barking, you know what I mean, and the neighbors were like, could you please tell you dogs to stop barking, and i was like, really? you know what i mean? like, they're asking me to keep my dogs quiet while they walk by my house? Really, that's so rude. You know what i mean?"
I: O_O
by rambododo September 08, 2010
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a phrase often appended to (generally teenaged) girls' run-on sentences, who are emptily seeking affirmation to what they just said. to you guys who are confronted with this situation, just smile and nod.
so, and she was like totally, mall, you know what i mean?
by drew3o October 04, 2003
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