1. ya niggas
2. your friends
3. ride with you till tha wheels fall off
Me and my Goonies bout to start some shit up.
by Rah-killa April 11, 2005
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(goo-knees), n.
Those who never say die
Yo. Hi guys. How's it going? This is Willie... One-Eyed Willie. Say hi, Willie. Those are my friends... the Goonies.
by fr3akquencyzer0 June 30, 2013
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your gang or clique.your peoples
im going to bring my goonies to jump these niggas
by thatboyboii October 19, 2006
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A group of kids at Dean College plus one sluty girl that lives in wallace. They walk around the school like their better than everyone else and act like their hard asses when their really big PUSSYS!!
Gettin lite with my gooniesss!!
by Yoshilover December 10, 2008
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The Goonies are a group of hardcore badasses living in Alaska. Founders of the AUFL that were given their nickname by the leader of the Thundercunts, Mullet-o, sworn enemy of all that is manly and awesome in the world.
"Hey, I heard the Goonies started and underground football league in town, how badass is that?"
by KenaiSloth May 12, 2010
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A person whom is likable but also an oddball, outcast, nerd, dork and/or weirdo, who are often are seen in and part of a group of other "Goonies". Likable but can agitate just as easily.
"Frank is so damn weird... well, now that I think about it, he's not THAT bad. He' kinda seems like a goonie to be honest"
by lhbrown1990 November 29, 2016
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