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1. ya niggas
2. your friends
3. ride with you till tha wheels fall off
Me and my Goonies bout to start some shit up.
by Rah-killa April 11, 2005
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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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your gang or clique.your peoples
im going to bring my goonies to jump these niggas
by thatboyboii October 19, 2006
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(goo-knees), n.
Those who never say die
Yo. Hi guys. How's it going? This is Willie... One-Eyed Willie. Say hi, Willie. Those are my friends... the Goonies.
by fr3akquencyzer0 June 29, 2013
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A Goony is a rock of any size from a grain of sand to uluru. Goonys are usually hard, round, sometimes a heavy (if large) obect that maybe thrown. Goonys can be found in creek beds, in and on the ground , at the beach and basically were ever.
Oi cunt stop throwing Goonys at me they hurt. Another example: i went ass up the other day of a massive pile of Goonys
by Thischick09 May 19, 2016
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