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A newfangled genre of pop music that combines two unrelated elements: the lyrical content of emo (sob, sob, sob, SOB) and the loud guitars of today's metal.

The singers in Emo Metal bands tend to - for some reason only few can decipher - scream as much of the lyrics as humanly possible.

See also: screamo
When I tuned into Fuse last night, they played a series of pop-punk and emo metal music videos.
by aleclair November 13, 2005
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Jethro Tull invented the seed drill; he was part of the group that created scientific farming as we know it. Also an overrated prog rock band with an electric flute player.
When the history teacher told us Jethro Tull invented the seed drill, we laughed like crazy.
by aleclair July 24, 2005
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1. A poet, often a singing poet who might improvise his work, who was around during ancient and mediaeval times. They would often travel between town and town to recite folk ballads and songs. A famous example of a bard is the blind Greek known as Homer.

2. Nickname for Shakespeare
1. The bard came to the village to tell tales of times of old and distant lands.

2. Although many people think either (a) "Shakespeare uses too much old english" or (b) "Shakespeare's too intellectual," the Bard's works have remained timeless for over 400 years
by aleclair June 21, 2005
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The hard part about learning a new language. Conjugating the verb is changing the end of the verb so it fits the tense (past or present?), number (singular or plural?), person (1st, 2nd, 3rd?), and many other fancy grammatical aspects (perfect, imperfect?) of the rest of the sentence.
In German class, Brandon had to conjugate the verb machen:

Ich mache der kase.
Du machst der kase.
Er macht der kase.
Wir machen der kase.
Ihr macht der kase.
Sie machen der kase.

He was exhausted by the end of class.
by aleclair November 11, 2005
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An overrated, possibly nonexistent, feeling. Associated with losing all logic and sanity.
Julius must love that girl, because he's acting all rude and offensive on me, as if I'm going to take her away.
by aleclair March 5, 2006
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A Canadian indie rock band with Arcade Fire connections whose first record was produced by none other than Issac Brock of Modest Mouse fame. As if all of those connections to famous people were not enough, their debut album, "Apologies to the Queen Mary", became overhyped by the online Media Machine as the Next Big Thing(r).

Leaving the indie snobbery behind, they are a damn good band who wrote some extremely good songs that are currently stuck in my head
Wolf Parade is another part of the great '80s revival going on in contemporary indie rock.
by aleclair May 18, 2006
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A popular person is one who is well respected by his peers and has a strenuous and demanding social life. The word is mostly used in the context of middle or high school.

Popular students in middle or high school are not necessarily popular because they are nice people. As well, popular people aren’t necessarily heartless snobby bitches or assholes – different high schools have different standards of attraction, meaning that the qualities that are looked for in the social elite differ based on the school environment. At some schools and in some groups, truly nice people are liked, and in other schools and groups, popular people simply wish to climb the social ladder by whichever means possible; social behavior is a game of chess rather than an enjoyable experience.

To say that every school has a social elite is a fallacy as well. I have been to two high schools; one of them did not have a school-wide social elite. Instead socialization was immensely group-based, with the majority of socialization taking place in your group. There were people whose names were known by everyone, but for the most part, there was no major gap between popular and unpopular, and it could have been argued everyone was popular in some way, whether good or bad.

Two types of popularity occur in a high school setting. First, there is positive popularity, where people know and revere you. Secondly, there is negative popularity, where everyone knows your name, everyone talks about you, but nobody likes you.
Like in Bruce Almighty, where Bruce asks for the powers of God yet falls apart due to his duties being God, the boy standing on the fringes of society did not ask to be popular, as he knew the social headache he would receive.
by aleclair November 30, 2006
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