A game where you are given two options one of which you MUST choose.
Many options at www.wouldyourather.co.uk
Would your rather shit out a monster truck or shit out mr. bush?
by Geoff March 4, 2004
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What you say when you are walking down the street or hall with your buddies and you see a hot chick walking in front of you while checking her out.
Mike and I were walking down the hall and I said, "would you bang it?" as Whitney walked ahead of us, she heard me and turned around and smiled at me.
by a neighbor November 12, 2004
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A game where the the players must choose between two difficult options, and explain their reasoning for why they chose their option.
Would you rather have unlimited bacon, but no more games, or games, unlimited games, but no more games?
by JoshiePoo69420 November 27, 2021
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game in which you ask difficult questions to find out about someones traits.
would you rather? punch a baby or spray paint a bum?


on an island...

mel gipson, tom cruz or my dad?
by TG&CI November 25, 2007
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A game made up in Trejos spanish class a few years ago. You look out the window and ask the person next to you. Would you hit it? He/she has 3 options 1.Yes 2.No 3.At a party, more options have been added, but these are the original ones.
Hey tim, would you hit it? At a party!
by JonnyC March 3, 2005
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A common phrase used by white waiters in an Indian restaurant that is spoken in an Indian accent for a bit of authenticity.
Would you like a poppadom? He said.
by Famsham February 15, 2018
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Used to inquire about whether one would agree to accept a duel via Xbox. Usually Madden 04' or NBA 2K4. Coined by Dawood Dagna (Babson 05'). Not to be confused with kick ass rapper THE GAME.
FacetedIntellect: Would you like a game?TDanza924: Fuck off, I am going to bed. There will be no game.
by Steven Muntner *see RAT-MAN March 28, 2005
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