A phrase that is of literal agreement, but underlined with sarcasm. Particularly used when someone is extremely frustrated with something.
"What's wrong with this piece of shit?! When I push the power button it should turn on."
"You would think so."
by Skylak April 20, 2009
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How every black person starts out a story. It may be a lie, so watch out if you hear this shit.
"Hey Tony, why you look all tore up and shit?"

"Damn man, you would never guess what happened..."
by jaydub8907 December 17, 2007
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A question, usually asked by men, that refers to inquiring of your desire to have sexual intercourse with a female.
by Jacob W. April 10, 2004
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Asking the question of whether or not one would. Usually referring to someone on television or on the street but can be used in any situation.

Note: Any negative answer can be immediately met with the response "On a plate?".
(Carol Vorderman appears on a television commercial)
"Would You?"
"Bleugh! No! You SICK!"
"Yeah, yeah, you're right... On a plate though?"
"Hmm... yeah, I spose actually"
"You SICK!"
by Dave Rees February 9, 2008
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A meme generally used as a joke preferably on perverted white African Warlord.

Being a meme my cousin can be swapped out for anything.
by Gzoom March 8, 2016
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A commonly asked question from one homie to another when an attractive woman walks by. Another way of asking, would you have sex with that girly?
Person 1. Look at that bitches ass son, Would You Stick?
Person 2. I Would Stick!
by paulg08 July 25, 2008
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mind control word from teh popular game Bioshock.
if you havent played bioshock, its basically a phrase
"Atlas" or fontaine says that makes the main player
do what he asks, disguised as a way of saying please.

would you kindly 1up this?
after the first 15 times of atlas saying would you kindly
i knew there was something more behind that phrase.

*later in the game*

by BE_PREPARED! September 22, 2007
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