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Delonte: Yo Jamz, why you be all up in my grill dawg?
Jamal: Shut yo mouth muthafucka! I gotta can of whoop-ass waitin for you so yo u betta brace yoself foo'!
by Agra April 01, 2004
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Something you say to regain your manhood after it is taken away
Delonte: Yo Jamz, what the hell were you doing in the women's panty section of Wal-Mart yesterday?
Jamal: Can't whoop me!
by Agra April 01, 2004
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Stupid Kid:OMG!!!!!!11 i wuz watchin (insert porno) and i got a b0ner!!!!!111

by Agra April 02, 2004
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Girl that used to live in Slowcala and then moved to Boca.
by Agra March 31, 2004
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Term used in Academic Team (don't laugh) where one team buzzes in early on a question and gets it wrong so the question is to be read in it's entirety to the other team. No one player on this team should buzz in early while the question is being read. Doing so will result in "Prime Directive," and angry stares from your teamates because you were supposed to wait until they knew what it was (jealous little shits).

I commit Prime Directive all the time because I am a power hungry Indian male and thats that's what Power Hungry Indian males do. It doesn't really matter because I always get the question right so get off my case, John!
John: Man, Kush! That's your third Prime Directive this tournament, you gotta learn to wait!
Kush: Shut the fuck up bitch, that's three more toss ups than you've scored.
by Agra March 30, 2004
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Cheap, half-hearted.
Can also be applied to people
Random Girl 1: So how was your date last night?
Random Girl 2: Terrible, Ramon is a sleezy dirtbag, he tried to get me laid on the first date and he smells like cheap cologne and fried chicken. What a pendejo!
by Agra April 01, 2004
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