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Why the hell would you search for "Ocala," bitch?
by Agra April 2, 2004
Term used by us Ocalans used to describe the boredom of the town.
Ocala Kid 1: Sup dude? Wanna hang out somewhere after school?
Ocala Kid 2: We live in Slowcala, bitch, I'm going home to masturbate.
by Agra March 30, 2004
I saw Swayla burrying acorns in my yard yesterday. I got pissed at the bitch so I shot it down with my BB Gun.

by Agra March 31, 2004



Random Kid 1: Hey check it out, its that one chick, Suvetha!"
Random Kid 2: Who?
Random Kid 1: Suvetha!
Random Kid 2: WHO?
by Agra March 30, 2004
Something you say to regain your manhood after it is taken away
Delonte: Yo Jamz, what the hell were you doing in the women's panty section of Wal-Mart yesterday?
Jamal: Can't whoop me!
by Agra April 1, 2004
Futile publicity stunt that took place during half-time of Super Bowl XXXVIII where half naked women *tried* to play football. I downloaded this "game" a couple days ago and it was absolutely pitiful, imagine paying $29.95 to watch that piece of shit?!?!

Final Score: Team Dream 6
Team Euphoria 0

Woot Woot!

But seriously:
Worst...softcore porn....ever...
Random Guy 1: So are we gonna order the Lingerie Bowl?
Random Guy 2: Of course, dude, it's not like we'll see any skin during the half-time show...

*30 minutes later*

Random Guy 2: Fuck...
by Agra April 2, 2004
Get back in line; stop acting outside of who you really are
Know your role and give me head, hoe!
by Agra April 1, 2004