Used to desribe anyone of Black descent who acts or thinks they are Jamaican.
Check out tose yoms over there trying to play it off like they are jamaican
by MrCheaterson August 3, 2004
To go to sleep. abreviated from Yom Kipour, which also means going to sleep.
"Im going yom, im fooked"
by Lee S July 26, 2006
to be sick derived from the latin, 'vomitus'
ben and jimmy were blissfully unaware that rawly was about to yom
by the kids at hgs March 7, 2005
happy yom day!!! , its used on every friday ever
by vintageslayer November 20, 2015
The sound made by sucking hard on a cock, while giving a blow job.

Can also be used if you want to give a blow job to someone and you want to be discrete
Clare wanted to suck his cock hard and was desparate to watch him cum while yom yom'ing on his cock

As she sucked hard on my cock, all I could hear was yom yom yom
by MonkeyBoots December 23, 2011
Short for moulinyam which is Italian for eggplant. What Italians call blacks.
That neighborhood is loaded with yom-yoms.
by Vitorelli December 7, 2007