One who practices yoga and has achieved a high level of spiritual insight.
Let's visit the wise yogi, he may be able to offer us guidance.
by Spazizoner February 16, 2006
One who is of yogi bear resembilance, got a yogi swagger to him. Stealing piknik baskets is a metaphor For he gets what he wants. Sleeek style
yo than man juzz hustled me in a game of pool and took the rest of my belongings in dice. Hes a straight Yogi bear.
by Yogi tha Bear May 13, 2008
(yo-gee) (n.) 1. a tea bag that has been rolled into a smokable cigarette. 2. The addition of tea to tobacco or marijuana to add flavor.
Ai yo! We gunna smoke that yogi or what?
by MichaelLee69 June 23, 2009
A generic term for a priest/rabbi/cleric/preacher of any other denomination
My yogi told me that I shouldn't judge the faiths of other yogis
by Norse Boar August 29, 2010
a:a type of bear
b:a singaporean chica who likes to give out bear hugs
If you are feeling down yogi the singaporean chica will give you hugs to make you feel better
by sprtsgy1989 April 9, 2011
Visitor to the South Coast of New South Wales from Canberra. (Derives from ACT car registration plates beginning with Y__ ___).
God you yogis are hopeless!
by micmacinact November 1, 2006
Flavoured, nutritious yoghurt treats for pet rodents.
My rats start clinging to the bars of their cage whenever they see I have yogies.
by Divinity And Darwin July 16, 2019