A place south of sydney where people live, and it rips.
sydney-sider: where do you live?

Jon: south coast bro.
by jonnyyyy September 2, 2008
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An upscale mall in Orange County that is the 3rd largest mall in the Nation and largest in California. filled with just about every luxury store you could think of so it's basically like an indoor version of Rodeo Drive. conveniently located in the center of Orange County so every rich person from newport, laguna, irvine, yorba linda, coto de caza, can go and drop 1000$ or more for a new outfit. don't bother going there if you don't have a Platinum in your wallet.
hey i'm going to South Coast Plaza want to come??

hell no!! i can't spend 200$ on a pair of jeans...
by OC boy.. January 4, 2010
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A group of dedicated individuals that fight against hunger
They just went all South Coast Food Share in that community!
by Msperceptionriot November 23, 2014
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