Similar to jizz, but much larger.
Juzz is essentially a large scale jizz.
Busting a HUGE = juzzing.
The mess of a huge bust = juzz

It is sometimes used to describe pwnage in video games.

Rohan "Dude, did you hook up with that hot chick?"
Jason "Yeah I totally juzzed in her face while getting a BJ!"

Eheems "Man, I just juzzed on that n00b with a plasma 'nade"
by Johnny B.Goode March 18, 2008
The act of jizzing uncontrollably (shooting sperm out of your peepee hole in an uncontrolled manner), especially to fill other people's mouths so they may not dehydrate, to water plants, or to garnish ribs.
Tony juzzed all over his ribs so he may enhance its taste.
Dude, I saved a girl's life by juzzing in her mouth.
Do not juzz in my direction, or else my dog will send so much juzz over your way.
by Pal69 March 23, 2010
1) Facial hair that looks similar to pubic hair
2) Any remnants of semen with pubic hair stuck in it
You got a lil juzz on ya
by Ian Broswell May 26, 2010

To be a complete and utter douche
Man hes bein such a juzzbag
by Juzz is a douche January 3, 2008
To be duped, misled or decieved into purchasing an artists CD after watching said artists amazing performance in a live setting. Upon arriving home and listening to said CD you realise that its quality is vastly inferior to the live performance and rue the fact that you are now $20 poorer and have not a CD but a rather expensive frisbee in your possession.
Alicia: "Just listened to the album we picked up at the gig last night. We just got juzz fucked."

Steve: "Damn! Damn! It strikes again!"
by MidgetPornGroove84 August 16, 2011
A man who is determined without being ruthless. Also known as Tin of Juzz, he gets very uptight, yet will never take your ten dollars.
Uptight Jizz Juzz Tin Tin of Juzz
by TenDollars March 3, 2010