A black wannabe nigger thats chinease, like a white wannabe nigger is a wigger so a chinease wigger/nigger (they r yellow) are yiggers. Its offensive but funny!
"look at that yigger over there,"
"yeh he thinks hes reli kl"
by Vickstardatrickstar May 01, 2006
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(n.) Yugoslavian wigger. wigger
Yo, man, she a yigger!
by Brynda March 04, 2005
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A yellow person, generally of chinese descent (but could also be korean, singaporean, etc) that wants to be black. The name is similar to the other word "wigger" for Caucasian peoples. Yiggers generally dress like a black person, only listen to hip hop, sometimes speak in ebonics, and adapt all of the cultural traits and political views of a typical black american. References include yellow rappers such as vava and awkwafina. Yiggers can generally be found in more liberal states such like California, New York, Atlanta, Michigan and Oregon but have been seen in small numbers other places as well. They do include males as well as females.
"Hey did you see that yigger on The Voice last night? Man's gotta be black on the inside with rhymes like that!!"

"Whoa that girl sure can rap! She must be a yigger."
by krisstorm84 August 21, 2018
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