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A negrophile is a person who is fond of Black culture and Blacks in general.

The term is often used in particular for people in America especially in New England, New York, and elsewhere along the northern East Coast of the United States who ostensibly base their business, political, or social practices on like of or admiration for Black models.

In some cases, Negrophilia represents an individual's preference of Black culture to their own; or the belief that Black culture is superior, or appreciation of Black history. Negrophiles commonly are found in the middle to upper class predominantly white neighborhoods.

Negrophiles will often use incorrect, but phonetic spelling of words, like color as 'cola,' flavor as 'flava,' realize as 'realeyes,' and so on. They will often use negro slang as well, such as 'bitches and hoes' and 'nigga.'

In some extreme cases, Negrophilia may represent the wish of an individual to be Black.
That young white male seems to think his skin is black, he must be a negrophile.
by navs April 24, 2007
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someone who enjoys having sex with black people more than any other race.
That girl over there can't stop sleeping with black people." "I know she's such a negrophile.
by Mr Fist Your Sister August 09, 2011
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