A huge poop that is actually painful upon exit, but is unexplainably invisible when you stand up. You know it's big and you know its there, but it remains out of sight and unproven by science.
I just dropped a Yeti Poo....It hurt but now it's gone!
by Schmakee January 18, 2011
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Person #1: Dang, that guys is such a yeti!
Person #2: Ya, i wish i was half the yeti he was.
by Abominable April 23, 2008
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A girl (fugly mind you) who is extremely abundant is hair. Whether it be facial armpit or a all over type of deal. This phrase should only be used if the female is a 100% cunt (there are exceptions)
"You know that girl Rose, she's a goddamn Yeti!!!"
by Fernando G. March 24, 2005
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A whore that uses the concept of "love" as a tool to make fools of her victims before becoming bored and moving to another. May use a victim to invoke rage and jealousy in a previous victim.
David - The bitch used me, after I spent all that time loving her, and then made bullshit excuses to leave. When I asked her if she was just doing it to fuck around, all she could do was shout "fuck you" all nervous!

Travis - What a Yeti!
by --Octo-- May 23, 2008
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A female RPG player. Everybody has heard about them, but noone ever saw them.
Can't submit an example, never seen a yeti before.
by Taris March 21, 2005
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Skank, bitch, walking STD, Pretty much anything you wouldn't ever want to be.
Usually Can't Type.
Omg.. I saw the yeti yesterday.. and she was using her yeti mating call to attract birds.
by Anonymous >_> December 05, 2007
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