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clumpsy, cute, smart, funny.
"haha u pulled a yessie when u walked into that door"
"ahhh isnt dis shirt soo yessie"
"hahaha yessie, u dumbass"
by "Pro-nun" August 10, 2003
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Yessie is a cute looking girl who loves to game and recieve memes and loves music. She loves all forms of art but painting is her favourite, she is bad at first impressions but once you get to know her she will become one of your closest friends. Yessie can be a little weird sometimes and hard to understand because she doesn't really like to talk about her problems, unless your really close to her and she feels safe around you.
"Oh, don't be such a Yessie, you can tell me anything!"
"Dude you know that girl Yessie? She totally checked me out!"
by Tacoooooooooooooo April 17, 2018
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Amazing girl with a great personality. Don’t ever under estimate her because she could prove you wrong. A hispanic mami. Usually brunette but always like to switch up hair colors and be different. Shy at first, but a lit ass personality if you get know her. She the most loyal friends you could have and wifey material.
“ Yessie is my best friend, she ain’t fake at all”
by most.hattedd.17 June 12, 2018
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1. its just like sayin yeah or yes

origin. this word was made up in 2005 by some boyz down in harrodburg, Ky and is still used today
"You goin to the movies tonight?" reply "Yessie!!"
by T3da March 03, 2006
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