Ky is a name u don’t hear very often, he’s usually a guy who keeps his love for one special girl.. he is very easy to look at. A Ky is usually VERY VERY hot, however he is not the flirty type.. many girls ooh and ahh over Ky, he is very sweet and very emotional, a Ky is very passionate for music and usually athletic. Known to have many friends but he knows the ones who deserve his respect. Ky is very loyal, trustworthy Ky is the type of guy girls fall in love with over his sweet kind aroma. A Ky is very respectful to many however can be a dick at certain times, a Ky is known to have a huge freaky side that not many know of. Ky usually has a huge cock and a nice nice body, he is very easy to flaunt over. Ky is a very smart individual that many mistake for a typical “jock”. A Ky is a lifetime friend no one will ever forget. If you find a Ky hold on to him forever.
Kathryn “did u see Ky walking in the hallway” “Ky is so hot
by georgy423 November 29, 2018
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a girl who is extremely cute, amazing, funny, beautiful and a really great person. if you ever meet a ky, you should consider yourself the most lucky person on this whole planet
-I'm ky's friend

by Emokid2007 April 5, 2016
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A mysterious boy who always seems to be serious some who befriend one say that once you get to know a Ky they will be loyal to you no matter what, there are a lot of legends around Kys, they seem to be rare and invisible so if you find one you could consider yourself lucky, if your lucky enough you may even befriend one.
Why is that boy always so quiet, he must be a ky.
by Anonymous_Writer June 5, 2018
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One who is perfect, who shows love and affection to only the one worthy. Who gambles through life, living each moment as if it were his last. And showing compassion to his hobbies such as music and life. very very attractive. Most always forgives, but never forgets. Very very kind. Ky's are usally gemini's which get along great with capricorns. They inflect thier opinions on eachother. make a very nice couple.
"Wow look at how nice and cute that boy is..."

"yeah his name must be ky"
by 'Chelle August 10, 2006
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Swagged outall the fuckin time and usually finds a girl but they don`t last long then meets up with a girl like a "Tiffany"
and that works perfectly even if she fronts alot on him and cant take their relationship serious
Yo KY did you see Tiffany? that bum
by K3 sWAg February 4, 2010
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Emo kid.
Loves teh webcam girlz.
acts dprzd.
is lonely.
talks to self a lot.
"are you alive?" - victim
"emo but yah D:" - Ky
by CourtneyParrkkee September 17, 2008
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Ky is boring

Ky is a bully
Ky is American
me:ky is boring
by saturnshores September 29, 2021
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