quick description without self-pity, for intense pain..
'What's it like having a sciatica attack ?'

'In one word -- yell-aloud...'
by mikroth December 22, 2008
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It is how you put a lot of work into a relationship and we finally have role models.
IMELINDA, asks BILL "can you tell me , your spending , ALL YOUR TIME!!!! onnnnn GOOD READS and not looking at ME , won't say ( under her breath, YOUR DICK FARM!!!!),BILL, that STUPID FOUNDATION SHIT!!!!, ,CLIMATE CHANGE CRAP!!!, I won't be around," , IMELINDA, name the last time we FRENCHED!!!!, and if you want climate change , then WHY DON'T YOU COME TO YOUR DICK FARM!!!!, HUFFing", I met these awesome ASSHOLES on AI on my GOOD READS , we read BILL'S mind , DEMONSTRATIVE SELF CONVERSING so I said, nah never, I am pushing a wheelbarrow , I just went to BEND OR, what you saying BILL, SHOOT ME WITH YOUR AI(LOVE MANDARIN), listen BILLY BOY, as you cranking WE CAME AS ROMANS , as you are ALBUQUERQUE ,NEW MEXICO DAYS as being MISFIT , as IMELINDA, you miss PAUL don't you????, I did hear you playing , JAMES BROWN , TURN ME ON I'M A SEX MACHINE yes BILL, "WHAT THE HELL you gonna do with your PUSSY when we divorce, "as you know how possessive I AM , remember the INTERNET EXPLORER DAYS, those dumb asses , had quite a time getting rid of INTERNET EXPLORER , as making impossible, " when I came upon that idea, I grabbed that PISSIVATOR so I would not PISS MY PANTS with SHIT AND GIGGLES, " what is cool is now you are giving away your MICROSOFT PACKAGES for gratis, ,well IMELINDA that is part of the DIVORCE SETTLEMENT as you know me IMELINDA , GOOD READS!!!?? and that's as I enjoyed YELLING AT EACH OTHER!!!!, it is work well done for our relationship, is YOUR DICK FARM closed IMELINDA?"
by DEFINITION DOMINANT September 16, 2021
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To take out anger on a subordinate who has done a horrible mistake by yelling at them.
"He gave Davis the yelling of the century after the whole incident."
by Nerdford January 10, 2020
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Yelling wife is defined as if your dog is barking at the back door and your wife is yelling at the front door, who do you let in first?
The dog of course ... at least he'll shut up after you let him in!
Don’t try to become a yelling wife; otherwise, I am going to get those noise-cancelling headphones.
by Urban_Ritz September 22, 2021
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To announce something by yelling it in an exaggerated manner. Often used in anime and manga for comedic purposes.

To yell-nounce


Tamaki just yell-nounced that Haruhi is adorable.... again.

yell-nouncing his lecherous intents was a surfire way to get smacked upside the head. Lols all around.
by Di-sama March 13, 2011
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