A response to any person, situation or object that is considered inappropriate or excessive.
This includes literal yelling, but extends to anything that is too loud, bright, or intense.
"How do you like his purple mohawk?"
"Uh, yelling."
by wimmera1 January 21, 2020
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A game originated in Ukiah, California by a few student that are enrolled at Ukiah High School,

Gameplay: Yelling is a game that usually requires 2 people but 4 people is highly recommended. At a later hour, past 10:30 at least, go riding in someones car with the windows down, yelling stuff at the weirdos walking the streets, use insults, rude phrases, and throw non-injuring items at people.

Rules: USE put one person at each window and sunroof if one is available. DONT yell anything while your stopped at a red light. DONT try to physically injure people. TALK HELLA SHIT!!!
its 11:09, The yellers see a man walking down the street wearing a bright orange sweater, and has a real long beard, they slow to about 15-20 mph, they soon commence yelling...

yeller, "nice sweatshirt you long bearded fagot!"

guy. "huh, YOU MUTHERFUCKERS!!!"

speed away in car as quick as you finish insult...
by jbeebe12 January 24, 2009
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- talking down to someone regardless of volume; you can berate or chastise someone, in a low tone of voice, and be yelling.
Now I don't agree with this, but it seems to me that a significant portion of people do. I suspect those that do grew up in a household where their primary caregivers were afraid of them, and hence are sensitive to the slightest reprimandation.

When my Italian mother yelled, the neighbors could hear - now that's yelling. (Don't do this to your kids - it can hurt them. But not standing up to your kids and establishing authority hurts the general population. I've had it up to here with these sensitives).
"I have to study in my dorm , because the librarian is always ''yelling' at me when I misbehave."

(Librarians don't yell - they'll get fired for raising their voice - cuz it's a library and you have to keep it down, see? ;)
by Neurotica70 June 09, 2017
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Raising Your voice; using a higher voice than usually.
I be yelling at my girlfriend for not making decisions.
by PrettyGirl25 January 28, 2020
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When programming and your code has an error that causes the program to cease.
"What's wrong with your program?"
"I don't know, it's yelling at me about some IO error"
by JTRipper January 21, 2008
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