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Way of saying yeah which is a lazy person for of yes. Slightly bored tone.
Evan: Are you gonna go to school tomorrow?
Lindsay: Yeh
by Mel February 25, 2003
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acknowlegement; yes; afirmitive
Q: did you go to da sto?
A: yeh


fuck yeh!
by morning_wood May 10, 2004
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YEH is the more exciting version of yeah and it's spelled incorrectly on purpose.

It can be used for answering a yes or no question and also to answer an open ended question without answering it directly.
Brian: This Thursday, you free?
Sam: YEH

Bob: Hey what were you doing last night?
Trish: YEH
Bob: ....I see
by brain242 January 26, 2011
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A variant of "yeah" used only by those badass enough to handle the majesty of these 3 letters. Sounds much less serious and more casual than "yeah". Could also be written as "ye" but that can quickly be misspelled as "yee"
Person 1: Hey I'm setting up a party on Ps4 I've got some of my other buds in it, you wanna join? I can send the invite.

Person 2: Yeh sure send that shit yo
by Meowmeowsmasher July 01, 2016
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I t is pretty common phase in south India, Exact meaning is period. #Fullstop
Hey Chitti you you are arguing without any reason, Don't be a prick.

I don't want to repeat it Ye h.

#period #Don'tbeddick #QMYH
by Sab Maya Hai January 30, 2017
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An unenthusiastic way of saying yes, a half-hearted yes.

A combination of the word "yeah" and "meh" making it kind of a yes.
Guy 1: Isn't she so fucking hot???

Guy 2: Yeh, I guess, she's kinda chunky
by Dr Grammar September 01, 2009
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To agree with someone. A shortening of the word 'Yeah'.
Crashoveride: did you ever look up dragonforce when i told you to way long ago?

Shadowface696: Yeh. I suppose I did..
by Softballinthegroin October 02, 2006
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