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The act of vomiting and shitting at the same time.
"I hel yeh'd all over your bathroom last night. Sorry breh. Shouldn't have had all that chili after all that beer."
by Randalf November 28, 2009
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Used by idiots when they succed.
Teacher: You barely passed, D-.
Idiot: YEH BOI!
by cCheeseCake September 16, 2016
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Kevin Yeh is not trustable. He is nosy and a creep.
Cheese doodles: Kevin Yeh is a creep and he is the definition of a creep
by BingChiling February 2, 2022
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Yeh nor is used to describe something that has happened which somebody didn't want to happen. It is used as the last part of a sentence, usually preceded by a swear word, to emphasise the thing that has occurred is bad.
Alastair wanted to go away with the lads to benidorm. His wife put her foot down and said he couldn't go, fucking yeh nor.
by Bigalamcc April 14, 2014
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'do you like my haircut?' "yeh mun!"
by Ket Burtase June 20, 2011
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