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slang for root; to own someones boxen
rofl that dudes site was so rewted cuz it ran Red Hat and was teh gehy
by morning_wood May 10, 2004
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When one orders food at a restaurant, eats anywhere from 75-99% of it, and proceeds to explain to the waiter/waitress that the food isn't correctly cooked, wasn't the correct order, etc... In hopes of replacing said order with a new one.
*ate 3/4 pancakes*

Kid: "Excuse me sir these pancakes are not cooked correctly, may I have a plate of chicken fingers"

Waiter: "this kids gotta be petering me"
by morning_wood August 19, 2013
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acknowlegement; yes; afirmitive
Q: did you go to da sto?
A: yeh


fuck yeh!
by morning_wood May 10, 2004
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