A group or herd of yetis that live and travel together like a wolf pack.
The yawp migrate together every year.
by Fred Turner December 6, 2012
I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.
by OLOL May 14, 2007
Person one: bruh stfu yawp
Person two: nah man yawp
by Unknown Mans18462 July 6, 2020
yawp yawp is another word for yup yup
so its all kool: yawp yawp
by reficul October 6, 2005
Used in the Midlands. The act of bellowing at someone "down the street", especially from a window. Also used for communication within households that avoid personal contact. Often volume obscures pronunciation.
"Stop your yawping, mam"
by Porkling July 2, 2004
Another way (slang) to say “Yup” “yeah” or “yes” or in other words to agree.
For example: Person: “you fucked her shit good?”

Other person: “YAWP! YAWP!”
by Izzy<3cristian June 27, 2021
Emitting a loud barbaric cry or sound.
Your yawping could be heard over two miles away.
by Flying Monkeys April 23, 2008