The anxiety one feels upon overhearing someone say something 'patriotic' that in reality, is terrifying.

The political heebie-jeebies.
"Usually I can just tune out Dale's rants about China but when he suggested Glen Beck run for president I got the yankee doodles."

Marcia: I might have voted for John McCain but there was just something in his smile that gave me the yankee doodles.

Louis: You base who you vote for off of their smiles? It's people like you who insist on beauty pageant elections that give me the yankee doodles.
by Bughat June 01, 2010
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Exactly as it sounds, a "yank your doodle", in common terms, puffed up, a dandy, a wanker. A person with an inflated sense of their own importance. A person whose fantasies exceed their abilities.

A Middle English expression. Ye is pronounced 'e by all except the upper classes. Yank'ee doodle.
Yankee Doodle - Dirty Peasant One speaks to Dirty Lower class labourer Two about a well dressed young gentleman passing by, "Yank'ee doodle"
by PooBeetle1 January 23, 2011
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The Yankee Doodle is a term used to describe any action that one cannot name at the time for legal reasons.
Man: oh, a child molester guess I better do the ol Yankee Doodle.
by Grue Noncehelmet June 14, 2019
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When a male's sexual partner yanks his penis as hard as they can until it cums and then makes a drawing on their own body with his cum. Sometimes known as the "Andy Warhol"
"My boyfriend likes it when I give him the o'l yankee doodle. Last night I managed to make a smiley face on my stomach."
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A pejorative term used to describe a native English speaker from outside the U.S who has been heavily influenced by American pop and internet culture, to such a degree that they favour using Americanisms in their idiolect such as 'faucet' or 'trash'. Rather than the standard regional monikers of their native dialect, like for eg. 'tap' and 'rubbish'. Also an individual that uses American slang excessively or speaks with a hybridised Americanised accent, even though have no personal history or connection with the U.S.
''Shut up ye fecking 'Yankee Doodle', you're from Navan, not New York''
by StoryHörse February 03, 2021
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The act of pinstriping a female's face and/or body with your semen
Guy 1: How did she like the Yankee Doodle you gave her last night?
Guy 2: She told me it was dandy.
by ConnorRichSean July 14, 2012
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When you insert and thrust your penis back and forth inside of a woman vagina, while at the same time inserting your thumb in and out rectally of a woman's butt hole while at the same time whistling to Yankee Doodle
by chris1212121212 January 07, 2009
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