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A slang word used in America and Australia between friend's to address each other.
1:Sup yanie?
2:yo that party was lit yanie.
by Jock9 November 24, 2016
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a word with multiple functions and positive connotation; used as a noun, adjective, adverb, verb, conjunction, most commonly as an interjection. a spontaneous "yanie" to ring in good times or a joyful occasion.
-Jim cheered "yanie" as the home team hit a homerun.
-"I yanied the last test"
-"Your cardigan looks simply yanie"
-The athlete ran as hard as he could yanie to the finish line.
-"That girl is hot and yanie"
by Rickster June 09, 2004
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1.a chemical that when bonded with saydie creates mad vibes
Saydie and Yanie 'yanied' it up.
by Yanie December 24, 2004
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