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saydie is the most loving person you could ever have met.she puts a smile on everyone's face.she is a brown headed lady with hazel eyes. she gives the best kisses. Very popular.
by whatsssuppp June 02, 2017
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is a cool girl who loves to have a good time and make-out with boys. She also loves to bang her head to some rocking music.
Saydie is one cool person.
by Saydie December 22, 2004
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saydie; she is very smart, beautiful, kind, confident, and passionate. she has blond hair blue eyes and freckles. she is somebody who voices her opinion and likes to talk but yet has a good listening ear. she is very funny even when not trying to be. she has a great sense of style and has beautiful think hair. saydie is a geunilly happy optimistic girl. she is competitive but doesn't like to play sports. Lets just say this saydie is a person you want to be.
saydie is a person you just want to be.
by blondhairbeuty22bnbbbbb22gzh December 01, 2017
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