a word shouted when something you see (feel, touch, smell, etc.) is pleasing to any of the five senses, including the genitals.
Avery: *points to male figure with large biceps*
Katie: YAHTZEE!!!
by imnotblackbutilikewatermelon September 13, 2009
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What a male shouts to his male friends when he sees a Really Hot Chick
(Guy sees hot chick)
Other guy: Oh yeah!
by UW-MADISON April 28, 2004
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What you yell when you cum in a girl's mouth after a blowjob where she actively played with your balls.
Oh baby you're amazing...Here it comes...YAHTZEE!!
by Number8Bunny August 29, 2010
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When one is having sex with another and is about to bust a big load all over the girl. The man takes the jizz in his hand and yells YAHTZEE! while throwing the cum into the girls face. This may result in a slap, punch in the balls, kick in the balls or if extreme enough... choking. Which of course if that happens, punch her in the stomach 3 times and the cum should gradually come back up.
I was fucking some bitch and i pulled a yahtzee all up in her grill.
by J-Nelly D November 08, 2006
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when a man blows his load inside a woman
So last night me and sally were boning on the couch, and i was about to yahtzee for fifteen minutes.
by extreme dan July 02, 2006
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What to yell extremely loud when you get a blackjack while playing blackjack in an overcrowded casino. See double yahtzee.
"YAHTZEE!!!", "Yyyyyyaaaahhhtttzzeeeee!", "Yahtzee Bitch!"
by TireUW September 07, 2005
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what you say INSTEAD of "ooh burn" when someone is dissed. is the cool way to say it; "burn" is so over done. can also be replaced with rabies.
Girl 1: You're such a bitch!
Girl 2: That's like trying to get a mail-in rebate for something you didn't buy! Thar she blows!!!
Crowd: Oooooh. YAHTZEE!
by Alyssa March 05, 2005
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