1) shortening of phrase wat u up 2?

2) A type of person, usually wear big t shirts, tapered jeans, kicks, bright colours. very fashion savvy. Also generally into music scene, may be djs and are always at gigs. Definned by way the speak. uuuuuupppppp 2 bro? noooooot a looot brooo, jst laxing ahe.
Speak very similar to surfers.
"up 2?"
"not much, just spinning on wheels of steel"

"that is a pretty up 2 top" have you seen that guy hes pretty up 2
by up 2 October 26, 2008
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The cinematic equivalent of a homeless guy's jizz-rag.
Guy 1: Dude, I heard they torture prisoners at Guantanamo Bay by making them watch Grown Ups 2 on repeat.

Guy 2: What kind of sick, twisted world do we live in...?
by I am Jesus Christ January 10, 2014
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A movie about a girl who street dances and she goes to school otherwise her mum's friend (who she lives with because her real mum died) will send her away and when she goes to school she meets this guy who looks like a proper nerd but can street dance too and then she also meets this other guy (robert hoffman) who is really hot but anyway he can streetdance as well and they like form a lil group with other people who you wouldn't think could street dance to compete against the girls old lil street dancig group because they kicked her out because she was missing rehearsals so they both compete at 'The Streets' which is this place where street dancers/break dancers all compete and in the end the group with the main girl and chase (robert hoffman) win but it's ace because they do this final dance at the streets and its awesome so yeah.

That's basically the main things tha happen lol
In other words...
One of my best movie's everr =
"Heyy did you see Step Up 2 at the cinema?"
"Yeah it's ace!"
"To the maxx"
by Kat2k8 April 10, 2008
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this means you love that one person more then anything
Wow look romeo is holding up 2 fingers, he must really love someone
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2 fingers up makes a V 2 fingers down makes an A
the word form of the sign for Virginia
You already know I'm from that 2 up 2 down.
by Jasmyne June 5, 2006
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an amazing movie about a girl named andie (briana evigan) in a dance crew. she is forced to attend msa (maryland school of the arts)
step up 2 the streets
by kippycurly April 9, 2009
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