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The phrase said when something reaches a dead end, a roadblock, or becomes an epic fail. It is usually used to indicate a non ideal situation and can also be used as a joke to indicate a sudden end to something.
Guy 1: Ah dude! My car is so boss right now!

Guy 2: Start it up!!

Guy 1: Yeaaa!!!!

*Car doesnt start, battery is dead*

Guy 2: Ya done!

Guy 3: Yo i think were in a gta game of Favata. It says hes comin to take over this apartment.

Guy 4: Oh Shoot! Here comes Favata! Ya Done!! *jumps out the window and runs away*
by 5209 ya done December 17, 2013
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An excited utterance by a person in agreement with another, similar to "Hell yes!" To specify, when someone poses an opportunity, idea or suggestion to another person, and the recipient likes or agrees with the opportunity, idea or suggestion, the second person will say, "Ya done!" or "Ya done on that!"
First person: "What do you say we go play some small ball and drink some bricks?

Second person: "Ya done!"


First person: "How do you feel about heading to the casinos this weekend?"

Second person: "Ya done on the casinos!"
by Drinkard December 01, 2006
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an adj to describe when you have had way too much too drink and am beyond tipsy never used to describe yourself but always used to describe someone who is as aforementioned very drunk and possibly sleeping or passed out from too much to drink
look at you falling on the floor...ya done!

he's been passed out for almost two hours after only 2 beers....(pointing towards passed out friend) ya done!
by brad of jmu March 20, 2006
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Commonly used in response to an exceedingly annoying individual who doesn't know when to stop the shenannigans.
Jackson m8 "Ya done?"

Fucking better be.
by Losch September 18, 2017
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