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An excited utterance by a person in agreement with another, similar to "Hell yes!" To specify, when someone poses an opportunity, idea or suggestion to another person, and the recipient likes or agrees with the opportunity, idea or suggestion, the second person will say, "Ya done!" or "Ya done on that!"
First person: "What do you say we go play some small ball and drink some bricks?

Second person: "Ya done!"


First person: "How do you feel about heading to the casinos this weekend?"

Second person: "Ya done on the casinos!"
by Drinkard December 01, 2006
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n. Synonym for beer. Generally enjoyed best when served ice cold in a can or bottle. Also serves as aphrodesiac upon large consumption.
"I got a twelve pack of ice cold bricks just waiting."

"Let's drink some bricks on your boat."

"Bricks On a Plane" is a future movie featuring people drinking a bunch of bricks on a plane, and the scary part of the movie occurs when the passengers run out of bricks to drink.
by Drinkard December 01, 2006
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