What black people, and an increasing number of white people, call Yonkers, New York.
by YO Man June 25, 2004
hornyguy44: Send a pic of ur babylons pls!
erica43: ( o Y o )
by dddman December 29, 2009
tits that got dem some nice nipples, also relatizzled b
pierced ( o, Y o, )
huge nips ( O Y O )
tiny nips ( . Y . )
and, perky ( ^ Y ^ )

therizzle's mizzle, but i aintizzle got no tizzle!
( o Y o )
by snizzle dizzle mizzle holla December 18, 2004
Way of creating a set of cans for people who only dream of the real thing.
Hey Geoff, check out the rack I can make with my keyboard because im such a pathetic loser and will never pull any ass because I play D & D all day, ( o Y o )
by PrestonF October 13, 2006
Breasts, with nipples in proportion to the actual breasts. Y=cleavage.
There are other sizes, including:
oYo - regular sized nips on little breasts
OYO - large sized nips on little breasts
o Y o - Perfect nipples on a perfect rack.
O Y O - oversized nipples on a perfect rack
o Y o - one breast is larger
o Yo - tits to AVOID! Do not go near to these.
my girlfreind has some perfect o Y o tittays, hellz yeee-ah!!
by xTcAddiction June 6, 2005
what faggots masturbate to when they cant find any good porn on their computer
Fag: OMG ( o Y o ) THATS SO HOT!!111
Me: Get a life you fruitcake.
by Sotel April 28, 2005