xmm is an abbreviation for xiao mei mei which in chinese is 小妹妹. Often for little girls which are typically from 11 - 14 years old. Typically smokes viceroy hokkaido and always dates someone older than her. Low SES xmm has an escooter and wear bushido where as high SES xmm takes grab everywhere and wheres kaws.
dgg : u wan go siamdiu
xdd : k can but must bring xmm hor
*xmm arrives*
xdd : starts drooling
by urlocaldgt June 18, 2019
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Annoying, cringe, pretentious, narcissistic little girls usually aged between 12 to 17. Hobbies include underage smoking, drinking and sex, tattoos on thighs or wrists and usually covered up by a stupid poorly edited emoji, face over hands cause TikTok filters are catfish as fuck. Snap score of over at least 100,000 and at least 1000 plus Instagram followers or more and always posting dirty mirror selfies cause their lazy asses can't be bothered to clean it. Worse than VSCO Girls but not as bad as Feminazis. Malay/Bangla/Chinese Yp boyfriend who's at least twice their age. Both are airheaded as fuck going no where in life.
Stupid XMM Bitches: "HAHA SKSKSK LMFAO spon me one cig pls, "FAST CASH DM" *shows wad of 50 dollar bills I took from my grandma's wallet* *covers hand behind stupid ugly face because Tik Tok filters can't even save my stupid ugly nicotine-addicted face* *rides e-scooter with Malay boyfriend or some Bangla fuck who's twice her age usually 13-20 years old in ITE or NT or NA streams*
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Xmm is a abbreviation for Xiao Mei Mei(Xmm). In Chinese it known as Little Girl. Xmm is a Girl, age 12-15 years old.

Xmm are known for dating with someone older then them(Dgg). Xmm also illegally smoke cigarettes(Typically Smokes Viceroy Hokkiado Mint) and loves uploading videos on Tik Tok.

It is also a well known word used by Secondary School Students in Singapore.

There are 2 types of Xmm:
Low SES Xmm rides a E-Scooter(Banned From Footpath in Singapore on Nov 5) and wears a Bushido T-Shirt and Hot Pants.

High SES Xmm takes Grab Premium (Private-Hire Car) and wears Uniqlo X Kaws T-Shirt.

(Dgg) is the oppsite sex of a Xmm and dates a Xmm
(Xdd) is a Boy age 12 to 15 and at the stage of being a Dgg
Xdd:I want to get a Xmm.

Dgg:Just open Tiktok and DM her
by !EKIS December 23, 2019
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means Xiao Mei Mei
which means small girls (underage)
Hey, that XMM looks chio right?
means that small girl look pretty right?
by Mr.Nothing June 25, 2008
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Xmm ( xiao mei mei) often used for girls who are aged between 13 to 17 and like to cover their face in ig photos. Typically seen wearing an oversized shirt and short pants.
Omg look at her she is such a xmm
by Kejsnwjaiaj August 30, 2020
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Abbreviation of 小妹妹 (Xiao Mei Mei), literally translates to "little sister", but widely used in Singaporean slang to describe a petite, attractive female that looks between 14-19 years old, but in reality a few years older. Might be considered offensive, in certain contexts it could be intepreted as "slut".
Eh bro look at that xmm, she's 25 but looks 18!
by flyingbirbs July 20, 2022
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X Multimedia system, like WinAmp but for linux
Dude, get Winamp!
I can't! I have linux!
Well then get xmms!

Okay, lame example...
by phoenix November 28, 2003
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