xes is upside down sex which is more fun :)
I love xes” “xes is unreal
by veganjuice.lol:) April 11, 2020
Now lets have soulful elevating positive supportive spiritual wild tender caring chunky funky monkey beautiful angelic sex
after talking we had xes.
after our talk she said xes.
by Couch sweet potato September 14, 2020
The chemical symbol for xenon (atomic number: 54).
Xe is for xenon.
by kittens Σ:3 July 22, 2014
A non-gender specific term for 'he' or 'she'.

May be used if one does not know the gender of the person in question, to disguise a persons gender, or when refering to people who not fit the typical labels of 'he' or 'she'.
1. Bob: My friend Alex got a new haircut.
Tony: *unsure as Alex is a unisex name* Oh, how does xe look?

2. Lisa: Oh, you got a crush?
Mary: *Is a closseted lesbian* Yeah... Xe's really nice.

3. Lee is genderqueer. Xe's great at doing cartwheels.
by Miako Samuio September 14, 2009
1. adj. short form for the word Sexy
2. n. short form for the word Xenon
by Keroro April 26, 2007
A kind of sex-play to be performed between a man and a girl. The girl wears a strap on, while the man wears a fleshligth attached to his dick. The two perform an inverted kind of sex in which the girl fucks the man's fake pussy with her fake penis.
"We tried Xes the other day and we discovered that we might both be gay"
by iBuggie October 30, 2019
A way to Pwnd people by analy penetrating them, then sticking your dick in there mouth.
Boooom Headshot!!!!!
You just got straight up Pwnd on. Hows the xeS taste?
by WS SM July 20, 2006