A non-gender specific term for 'he' or 'she'.

May be used if one does not know the gender of the person in question, to disguise a persons gender, or when refering to people who not fit the typical labels of 'he' or 'she'.
1. Bob: My friend Alex got a new haircut.
Tony: *unsure as Alex is a unisex name* Oh, how does xe look?

2. Lisa: Oh, you got a crush?
Mary: *Is a closseted lesbian* Yeah... Xe's really nice.

3. Lee is genderqueer. Xe's great at doing cartwheels.
by Miako Samuio September 14, 2009
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A pretend word made by SJW's as a "Gender Pronoun"
A: My pronouns are xe/xem/xers
B:Fuck You!
by Huuuuuuuuugh MUngus! October 17, 2016
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1. adj. short form for the word Sexy
2. n. short form for the word Xenon
by Keroro April 26, 2007
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