13 definitions by kittens Σ:3

1: The sound a cat makes
2: The sound a human makes when they are imitating a cat
3: The thing you say when you are singing a song, but you don't remember the words
1: 'hey, kitty kitty!' 'meow!'
2: If you say 'meow,' you sound like a cat!
3: "Joy to the world... meow meow meow meow!"
by kittens Σ:3 July 01, 2014
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He was born a kittypet, but Bluestar allowed him to join the forest cats. After Bluestar's death, Fireheart became the leader, and was given the name Firestar. He and Sandstorm became mates and had two kits, Leafpool and Squirrelflight.
Firestar's best friend is Graystripe.
by kittens Σ:3 August 24, 2014
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Fluorine is an extremely reactive and poisonous chemical element with atomic number 9.
The lightest halogen and most electronegative element, fluorine exists as a pale yellow diatomic gas at standard conditions.
by kittens Σ:3 July 08, 2014
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Used by a pirate to show excitement or happiness. Also used occasionally as 'yes,' instead of Aye.
Arrrr! We be lucky pirates, maties! We've found some burried gold!
by kittens Σ:3 July 07, 2014
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The number of protons in an atom's nucleus, which define most of the atom's properties, including what element it is.
The lightest element is hydrogen, which has an atomic number of one.
by kittens Σ:3 July 06, 2014
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A breed of cat that is half Burmese, half Siamese. They are the most beautiful and sweet creature any mortal (or immortal) will ever meet.
'Aww! Look at the cute little Tonkinese. Isn't it so cute?'
by kittens Σ:3 July 01, 2014
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The character from the LEGO movie who is a pink and white kitty cat with a unicorn horn on her head
Hi! I am Princess Unikitty, and I welcome you all to Cloud Cuckoo Land!
by kittens Σ:3 July 01, 2014
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