to murder or slay. Sometimes used in exchange with pwn.
O damn that night elf warrior was all 178 on me.
by Aephiroo April 25, 2008
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178 Bball court is a mf crowded ass place where 131 gay cocks visit to come show show nice bball skills but very very rude. Famous athletes can be occassionally seen here, such as paikia gangster Winston cigaratte, Ryan the Gualian, and Jonas the KFC SHREDDERRRRR

Often times, many sexy bball players visit this court, thas why the sexiness disallows many minahs and xmms to come here cuz of the hotness overload...and yes, saggy ballsack Youhao is the Winnie the Pooh of the court chinese hanyu-pinyin version.
Wow, 178 Bball Court is so beautiful today! No disrespectful players in sight!!!
by lovewinstonhumpdaddy August 25, 2021
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UrbanDictionary Jews, I’m talking to you guys

While it may be hard for you all to believe, that’s my IQ score.
My IQ is 178

Figures I’m just some bored and lonesome man who lives out in the woods
by Zatarain’s Root Beer Drinker September 30, 2022
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