"Did you see the photos of Gekyume? He looks just like X!"
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Sad version of x) typically used when your evil plan don't work properly..Or that you're just sad...
Guys 1:Hey dude,bad news..You just lost the game...(So you just did too x) )

Guys 2:Dammit! I lasted 5 days without losing! x(


Guys 1:Hey,bad news..I caught you stealing in my house..I'm going to kill you!

Guys 2: x( *Take his gun* I'm ready bring it on!
by Anonymus xD August 28, 2008
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Marie: I just took a boy home last night, we sure had fun! He had a big...

Susie: ...

Marie: Don't tell anyone...

Susie: x:
by Linkzie July 5, 2006
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smiley, which is growing to be popular.
person 1: hiya
person 2: im so happy x
person 1: why?
person 2: cause cause.
person 1: ur frigg'random, it makes my head hurt x
person 2: ouch!
by mtc/melissa/newbie August 31, 2007
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by Trident_9 November 27, 2018
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Basically the same as "on Jah" only you call him by his rapper name.
Ay nigga you got a cute ass on X.
by Wolvesrule29 August 12, 2019
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Used to show doubt, or not believing something.
*On the internet* "a dog sucked my dick and spit my cum into a duck's mouth."
*random person:* "press x to doubt"
*literally everyone* "x"
by SirVatican January 5, 2019
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