Another way of telling someone hello.
When Roll.EXE flirts with MegaMan.EXE, she begins by usually saying Hiya, Mega!"
by VD Peruvian February 28, 2015
a very sweet, caring and a lovable girl who makes boys crazy. once you know her there's no going back. extraordinarily cute and a ball of total sunshine
hey look there comes hiya
by jamie_jamie July 16, 2018
A battlecry a ninja yells when the ninja is ready to attack.
Before I attacked the ninja he yelled "Hiya",but I wasn't scared.
by James Grimmer June 16, 2004
Noun: An extremely attractive female, usually with a tight, round ass and a lot up top.

Indefinate Article: The expression of attraction towards a female.
1) "That Emma Brooks is a bit of a hiya, isn't she?"

2) "Well HIYA LOVE!"
by Peter McConville April 1, 2005
hill billy for HI! only rednecks and hill billys use it because they can!
HIYA pa. watcha doing today in hillbilly land?

by HMMMM? January 27, 2008