The last name of the richest, most successful man in Las Vegas. Worth over $2,000,000,000.
Steve Wynn just bought my house for five million dollars, and will be turning it into a new hotel.
by Skeet September 28, 2004
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the one who will make mistakes, but hell relize he made them. hell make it up to you. he wont ignore you forever. just wait and see. technically; your best friend. .<3
i love wynn. hes my best budd.
by kljsd December 5, 2005
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1)faultless 2) Flawless 3) Perfect in every aspect 6) Also associated with magnificent beauty
williston is not williston without wynne
by LAND mandrogan October 25, 2004
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Wynne's are usually really hot but they say that they are ugly they are also super sweet they hide there true feelings behind there smile and no one really knows when they are sad they are also really good liars they are also very very smart and capable of everything you should never ever lose them they will be the best friend you will ever have
person 1: Wow Wynne's so smart she must be so happy

person 2: yeah she is but i don't think she is all that happy to be honest.
by unknown =/ December 17, 2019
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A scary ghost that deletes information off computers, commands spiders to attack people, and does hip hop dancing to turn people into rocks.
Did you see my mouse moving by itself? . . . must be Wynn.
by Cubical Sleeper July 9, 2009
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