an expression for those who are entirely too lazy to say "what's up","how's it going","what's going on",
"how are things", and/or any other informal expression of greeting
Wudda jack?
-not much, just chillaxin
by noah December 5, 2004
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Kirsty explained to her friend that her boyfriend John has got a 'wudda wang yo'!
by WuddaWhist February 9, 2009
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1. A parabole, mathematical function on a carthesian plan, Shape of a U.

2. A parabole that ends up crossing higher up on the Y axis.

3. Sound of a car hitting the ground after a flip.

Pronounced : Husband and wife. Just kidding (Wudda Bufe) NOT WUDGA BUCHF!
1. Equasions of the second degree are usually a wudda buffch

2. Does the 3rd degree equasions make wudda buffchs?

3. *Car flips and hits the ground*
Me: Duuuude Wudda Buffch.
Friend: Eeemp.
by chinapese October 7, 2006
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1) Being of or like the master that is Willie Wu: eating dogs, collecting cans for money, eating candy corn and using a fork for eating any type of food.

2) Someone who has taken a liking to eating excessive amounts of horrible food stuffs available at Gracie's RIT.

3) Ex-dealer of various street pharmaceuticals.

4) Cantonese Gangster.
He's such a Wudda Willie.
by Wudda Willie November 10, 2003
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He shudda,cudda,wudda if he did my way.
by pert81s May 31, 2006
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Particularity in regard to sexual relations, to describe a bad decision which results in disappointment.
by Konstantin August 23, 2013
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weird noise uber l33t imiture boys make when ther reach a certain stage of bordom and are forced to make their on joke(laughter). it can be used for weird people aswell e.g
boy;hey look at that old man
boy 2; joke wudda fuck shiznizlistic holy joke shizle of jokenisity

shiznizlistic holy joke shizle of jokenisity: rather advanced way of sayin joke ;)
normal day at skool, a nice lookin girl has dyed her hair black (STUPIDDD)
boy 'hey look at her hair'
boy 2' holy shizle'
boy3'jokeee wuddda fuck'
bo4'that looks quit nice'
boy' shut up u gayboy
by eks September 25, 2004
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