Natasha has a fun and bubbly personality. She is laid back but won't stand for anyone messing her about. She can't stand cheating, lying, {indecisiveness} or lack of loyalty. Natasha can be {reserved} but once given reassurance she will open up and reveal her feelings. Natasha can lie for good intentions but never pretend. She will always put others before herself which can sometimes be her downfall. she is kind, caring and always gives expert advice. Once Natasha sets her mind on something, she aims to do it at all costs. She is determined, confident and charming. She has a wacky sense of humour. Natasha is great as a best friend due to her constant support, kindness, generosity and general happiness that is always set to make you smile. Natasha is sociable, approachable and extremely attractive. She knows more than she lets on and is of high intelligence. She is fashionable and likely to start trends. She will deny when at a stage of unhappiness to save fuss and unwanted attention. Although she may do this, she does love lots of attention at the best of times. She wants to feel deeply wanted and loved but never confesses so. She is the perfect partner. Her eyes are pools of sorrow that resemble her past, but also dazzling sapphires that show she is destined to shine. She is a warrior and champion. Everyone wants to be her friend, be like her, BE her. Overall she has the personality of a winner that will have you instantly hooked from the beginning.
"I love you Natasha, no one is like you!"

"Awh that's sweet but i'm nothing special"

"Oh but you are, you're beautiful and so very nice!"

"Other People are nice...."

"Not as nice as you :)"

- A conversation based on the love for Natasha.
by MissKnowAlot August 15, 2018
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Natasha isn't average. Natasha thinks differently from others, she's deeper, wiser- different. Natashas might struggle with confidence, but the entire world around her can see clearly that she is extremely intelligent, beautiful, and kind. She carries weight in her eyes, though. Natasha has made it through a lot, more than most know. But that's what makes her strong.
There goes Natasha, she's definitely my favorite person.
by AustraliaNight December 3, 2017
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Natasha is fierce,confident and many other thing but don’t get on her bad side.Natasha is a funny girl so she will make lots of friends. Sometimes even though she acts confident she’s actually just sad, Natasha has been through a lot but that’s what makes her so strong
There goes Natasha
by Rose1&only November 10, 2018
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Well where do we start...

Natasha is the most gorgeous, fun, hilarious, loyal, sexy and seductive woman in the world. She is extremely attractive and transpires this positive energy which allows people to instantly fall in love with her. She has the most amazing heart and soul this world has to offer and its something truly special. She is innocent yet very brave and strong! She has the power to overcome any challenges which come in her direction. She is someone that does not judge, no matter who you are. She will always be nice and friendly even if she has been treated badly.

She is very sensitive and fragile yet adores the love and attention which she rightly commands. She loves to feel loved.She has the most amazing pure heart and the ability to make her loved one feel on top of the world - untouchable! She is the most affectionate, loving person there can be and will no doubt be the most amazing mother to her children one day. She has something special which she can only share when she feels comfortable enough.

She is however meant for one person and one person only. That person from her childhood! She is a princess and deserves a prince who will forever make her happy.
Oh, so you want a "Natasha" - The best thing money has to offer
Don't be a Natasha - Taking 30-40mins looking for tomatoes at the supermarket
Natasha Joke Day - Natasha says things which are so outrageous people think its actually April fools

She always wants the best, in every possible case, however this is not always such a good thing (here come the bad bits)... She can be high maintenance... and wants things only which are on celebrity level - she wants the best beauty products available, she wants a private chauffeur, she wants a personal cleaner, she wants someone to basically take her socks off. She can also be very stubborn when she wants to be...(its kinda cute sometimes but also VERY annoying). She gets really angry if your late to pick her up or tell her a time to meet but its OK if shes late!... She is extremely health conscious and can easily spend up to 30-40 mins looking at tomatoes in the supermarket, oh and a trip to the supermarket is pretty much a day out! She is also very knowledgeable both in her field of study and just in general, shes full of facts and information and isn't afraid to share.
by 11Prince07 July 29, 2018
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The most beautiful, smart and perfectly delecta-licious-mazing, uber delicious double chocolate-chip cookie dough square of a girl all wrapped in super pumpkin-spice awesomeness! :)
I am sooo keeping my Natasha.
by oatmeal cookie December 9, 2010
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The sweetest most warm hearted girl, beautiful, nice, has an amazing sense of humour, shes the best person youll ever meet. Shes listen's well and is amzing to talk to, she will always cheer you up when your in your worst days, shell always be hear for you, she treats everyone equaly and is never mean.
Friend. Hey can i talk to you?
Natasha. Yh sure, whats up?
by ya bestie BELSS December 11, 2016
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An easy going person. She's brave and see's the world as a goal, to accomplish all. She's confident and poise. She walks into a room and knows how to work it without much work. She interviews great and is proactive in all she does. When she sets her mind to something, she is bound to accomplish it. She's beautiful and she knows it. Yet she's not afraid to make others feel as beautiful just as much. She believes in making sure others are about and puts their happiness before hers at times. Natasha's love to serve others and if she is to go without to make others happy, she's not afraid to make that sacrifice. She knows how to be romantic and takes it to par in the bedroom. Her name sounds royal and therefore she should be the next Disney princess.
Natasha is so damn gorgeous!
by loverofthename April 6, 2016
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