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weird noise uber l33t imiture boys make when ther reach a certain stage of bordom and are forced to make their on joke(laughter). it can be used for weird people aswell e.g
boy;hey look at that old man
boy 2; joke wudda fuck shiznizlistic holy joke shizle of jokenisity

shiznizlistic holy joke shizle of jokenisity: rather advanced way of sayin joke ;)
normal day at skool, a nice lookin girl has dyed her hair black (STUPIDDD)
boy 'hey look at her hair'
boy 2' holy shizle'
boy3'jokeee wuddda fuck'
bo4'that looks quit nice'
boy' shut up u gayboy
by eks September 25, 2004

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An asian person or any other very short person driving a car, so that when you are behind the car it looks like its driving itself.
Holy Shit dude! That ghost driver almost ran me over!
by eks September 17, 2004

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