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When someone or something is higher quality than l33t.
D00d! That flag capture was uber l33t!
ph34r m3 f0r my uber l33t 5kiLLz
by KyroH. December 07, 2005
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by Peach_emoji December 13, 2020
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l33t (a numeric spelling of leet) probably derives from 'elite'

uber is German for 'over' or 'superior to'

So 'uberl33t' is the best of the best
'dag is an uberl33t gamer'
by Samu May 29, 2008
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A group of friends off of who get together most holidays and some weekends for LAN, B33R, and general fucking about.

They have been friends for nearly 2 years and things have waved in and out, they have had their ups and downs yet they still remaining one of the closest groups to still browse Cube-Europe message forums and still meet up.

Zaitochi, Fred, is well known for his weed smoking and tossing off, a crazy guy and (used to be) best mates with Apple NdiB. Has not been online as much and ignored most so presumed dead ^_^.

Piro, Steve, the Ginger of the group yet he's still one of the best and founder of the
"Uber L33ts", has had the most meet ups and always drinking B33R!

Zeikfried, Dan, script abuser, mass alcohol consumer, Long hair ^_^, and a member of GNAA, need i say more!

Tendo, Tim, crazy guy who we have seen chane from a quite little guy to a hard rocking little punk! Loves his Gigs and his Rammestein.

Apple NdiB, Duncan, crazy, loves his alcohol, smokes weed for every now and then, and mass destroyer of inanimate objects. Has found his calling again on the internet after a brief period of "quiet time".

Largo, Robb, Me... What can i say? Joined Cube-Europe forums in april 2003, shortly joined Uber L33ts after. Met with Ford Prefect, a member from the forums with Piro and discovered how good John Smiths Smooth is. Lived with Piro for half a year and visits him most days.

Athriller, Atif, little guy, went to china ^_^, and were all envious. Spammer and talker of random, this young chap is always welcome to meet ups but sometimes cant make them. Was stalked last time he was seen.

Kingofunrealuk, Jordan, Warez more shit than the average crack whore, loves his right hand most, and his UT. Meet ups with this guy can never go wrong, he is funny aswel and Sexy ;), his pc is by far the best of all ours but Piro is catching up (if not over taken).
Zaitochi = Fred \ Piro = Steve | Zeikfried = Dan | Tendo = Tim | Apple NdiB = Duncan | Largo\ = Robb | Athriller = Atif | Kingofunrealuk = Jordan
by Largo March 29, 2005
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