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A Lili is one of the cutest, sweetest, deepest, craziest girls out there. She's a one of a kind catch and is always there for you. She gives some of the best advice and is one of the best writers. A Lili can make anyone smile or laugh at anytime of the day. Hold on to a Lili if you have one!!!!
I'm so lucky to have Lili!
by KrazyKellyyoo November 05, 2009
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An angel. A sweet, funny, caring girl. Not to mention beautiful. Quiet at first but once you get to know her you'll realise what you've been missing. All guys wish they could have her. Lili is every mans dream girl.
1: You know lili?

2: Yeah, wow she's hot

1: I wish she was mine
by Noahwr November 04, 2013
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A beautifully unique girl who is an amazing person inside and out. She loves being with her friends and family and intimidates guys with her beauty. She has a big heart and is intelligent, optimistic, and kind-hearted.
Kyle: "Dude, who's that chick?"
James: "Lili. Yeah, she's a hottie."
by flowerlover00 July 23, 2013
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A Lili is a girl usual with the first two letter of her name starting with Li she is crazy,sweet, caring, beautiful, intelligent, unpredictable and udderly insane all rolled into one shes the kind of girl you can't get enough of and want more of and you should feel honored if you happen to have a Lili as yours.
You: The lili is mine

The Lili: all urs!

You: mineminemine!
by Jakeyface September 28, 2015
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a Lili will never leave you're side she is an amazing most kind girl in the world, she has one of the sexiest personalities. she's

the most cutest girl you will ever meet in your life! clean luscious wavy hair. radiant sexy skin. she will be there for you no matter want. A great lover. she will love you till the end of time. SHE'S MY BABE.
She's my Lili, i love her.
by CoolBoyHD November 07, 2011
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the most awesomest taco buddy you will EVER meet, you fall in love with her the moment you meet her just like i did:
shes gorgeous and totally awesome, and is always there for you
Did you see that sexy girl??? shes a total lili mejia<3
by xoxoLina May 22, 2010
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