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A move in sexual intercourse where the female has positioned herself on top of the male. Her feet and hands are lyed flat on a surface. Her bum moves in an up and down motion, similar to a frog. Extremely under-rated!
Andy: She leaped on top and fucked me like a frog. It was awesome!

Avesh: Yeah bro, my missus frogged me last week. You got to love the frog.
by Amay022 April 03, 2007
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To have bastardly and dominant oral sex with a helpless person
Recall the chimpanzee who orally raped a helpless frog? If not youtube it. The Frog is a sexual act which can be transferred directly to human beings where the situation comes to an oral violation of the other persons mouth. You must keep in mind that the helpless person (frog) cannot fight or resist the attacking person (chimpanzee) and the dominant person takes total control over the situation. Furthermore the bastardly violent person will not be disturbed in his actions but likes to expose himself to other voyeurs.
by C. Pant March 08, 2011
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