1. (verb)- the act of destruction upon anything
2. (verb)- describing a state of complete annihilation and own-age
3. As a substitution for the word rally, "I'm going to go in there and wreck shop on those fools" as opposed to "I'm going in to rally them"

4. The phrase "wreck shop" is believed to have been originated in the early 17th century in the Swiss Alps, where an old man who had been working in the same workshop for the past 47 years (rumors are unclear of whether he was a shoemaker or jeweler, another popular story is he made watches but whatever the case he made preformed some tedious actions to make the same product over a long period of time). After his years of faithful servitude he one day lost his mind and threw tools and benches all over the place creating mass destruction to his working environment. Because of his unpredicted actions of havoc the shop was never re-constructed and was believed to be cursed. This led to the use of the combination of the two common words "wreck" and "shop" to describe an event of mass local destruction. The phrase went out of saying in around 1654 but came into rapid reemergence in the late 21st century in Santa Cruz California. Wrecking Shop can be compared to the once popular phrase of “Going Postal” only “going postal” usually involves homicide while “wrecking shop” refers to destruction (although it can be stressed to include human destruction).
1. After the CIA broke into the 36 year old drug dealer's pad and overturned every item insight, breaking into filing cabinets and pictures the left the scene empty handed. Upon returning to his crib the drug dealer quickly called his mentor a Columbian drug lord describing the situation by saying "the po-pos just wrecked shop upon my place" (notice the contradiction between the police and the CIA is intentional to undermine the intelligence of 36 year old drug dealers).
2.After beating the victim senseless and robbing him of all valuables the bandits deciding a state of shop wreckage (note the word order can be switched only in a group of common "wreck shop" phrase users). had occurred and left him in peace.
by Benji November 6, 2004
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the act of "destroying" a girls pussy by fucking her.
im about to wreck shop on that girl
by chadburg June 23, 2010
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1.the act of destroying something or fighting some one and severely hurting them
2.originated during the beginning of the holocaust during the "night of broken glass". the nazis came and wrecked all of the jewish shops.
1. "Joe totally had to wreck shop on that fools face!"
2. "Last night those nazis really wrecked shop."
by Jawsh Jennings April 15, 2006
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1. Tearing the place up, as in deliberately vandalizing someone else's business or home, or destroying someone else's possessions.

2. (preferred) Plowing a gaggle of 'hood rats.
My ho called. Looks like tonight I'll be wrecking shop on her and her friend.
by Sic Semper August 4, 2009
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I shouldn't have eaten Mexican food, I really have to wreck shop now!

I'm going to wreck shop in my pants if I don't find a bathroom!
by sidkthedinosaur September 14, 2009
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a crew who wrecks some fuckin shop!!
me and the 'ol wreck shop crew fucked up the place
by mink stole June 18, 2006
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