When your life really falls apart and turns to shit.
Being 36 years old means you’re over the hill in life, in fact its downhill after the age of around 35. Brian had everything going for well for him until his 36th birthday but since then his whole world has fallen apart since he lost everything.
by Subtropical 1021 November 17, 2021
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a destructive species living on earth for atleast 36 years, and they are typically found in
A. infesting roblox and fortnite making it completely unsafe
B. living in their mom's basement while eating hot pockets that burn their mouth
C. sleeping all day

D. at work actually doing their jobs
E. with their friends causing drama in between multiple relatives for no reason
F. trying to download some illegal stuff or do lines of coke
36 year olds are dangerous stay away from them
by lonelywinter July 21, 2023
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