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To 'Mcgann' beers, or simply 'Mcganning', refers to the act of cracking open a can of beer taking a few sips and setting the can down or otherwise implying that it is finished with no less than a third of the can's contents remaining.
The act of Mcganning beers will typically consist of repetition of this behavior and may be accompanied by boasts of how many beers they have 'drank' so far.
Mcganning is generally frowned upon as it is not cost effective and leads to having to clean up wounded soldiers the next day.
1. "This keystone light wasn't cheap so I don't want to see any of you bastards Mcganning these beers"

2. "I haven't seen someone Mcgann beers like that since freshman year. who invited those slats to the party anyway?"
by fingers5 October 21, 2007
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